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New Fuji Velvia and New Fuji Astia



Dear members,

there will be soon a new Fuji Velvia, called Velvia 100F. Withz this higher ISO range I am pretty sure that this will be a homerun.

Fuji announced also a new Astia - still with ISo 100, but improved performance. Both will be presented at the PMA.



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Hi Guyz,

mind to give Kodak E100G E100GX Pro + Elite Chrome 100 New Fine Grain a personal try.
As of May there are 4 different "tests" around in german and a french photo magazin +
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I like really Erwin Puts Test best!!
B&H in New York sells films with the best (lowest) price! Greetings from Zurich



there are definitely stores in Europe and USA which are selling films cheaper than B&H.

In the US there are a couple of mailorder houses, which are selling Contax stuff between 20-30% cheaper then B&H. I do not understand why some people make such a hype about B&H. It is good, but it is definitely not cheap. If you know what you want, you do not need to pay 30% over street price.

Sometimes I have the feeling that B&H is making many of similar postings themselves, so much overvalued is this store in some comments on this site...
> [.B&H are definitely not the cheapest for film

try in Guernsey for the cheapest film. They also sell Fuji Velvia in 50 roll packs


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> [..That's surprising because there isn't that much margin in pro-foto equipment. B&H typically sells for 5-6 % over cost and takes every discount available. I've found that may "dealers" offer goods at remarkable prices but can't deliver or if the do, it's often demo or used with box goods. I have had that problem when I tried to register the items warranty only to find out that it had already been registered some months before. Took forever to get my money back from the "dealer" but when confronted with the letter from Contax, got the check. If it looks too good to be true, it is...


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Phil, If you think there isn't much margin in photo equipment, take a look at the Dealer cost vs Full retail. It's typically 50% over dealer cost. I know that not many stores sell for full retail, but it is the wide margin that allows for deep discounts. It suprises me that the small store who doesn't have it "in-stock" does not give as big a discount as the warehouse type NY stores who have to carry the stock. Even when you prepay the small dealer, he wont discount to the extent of the big boys.
Many years ago when I bought a new Leica for $1800 (Canadian) it had cost the dealer $1200!!To my mind that is a significant margin.


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> I've been a factory rep for 27 years, the first 14 in the Photo business. I spent the first 6 years as the Hasselblad rep, and many years repping most professional photo manufacturers. Margins were 25 percent on professional items, 33% on general items and up to 50% on non manufacturer accessories. Yes there were programs and specials that smart dealers could take advantage of and fast pay discounts, but due to competitive pressures, many dealers were forced to sell the basic camera like AE1's F-2's etc. (I'm dating myself here) at cost and then attempt to make back the 17% needed to stay in business by selling non mfg. filters, cases and flashes. The climate today is even worse given the internet. Anyone can list items for sale, even if they can't deliver. So far as I'm concerned one gets what they pay for in life. If you know what you want and don't need ANY advise OR service, go for the lowest price. If however you may need some service, you gotta pay more. no one will work for free.


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> OH, I know I'm being a pain, but margin is figured from cost up versus markup which is figured from list down. ex&le to figure what the standard margin would be for an item you multiply the cost by 133 to get 25%, 150 to get 33% and 164 to get 40%. If you doubt me multiply the answer by the percentage and you will get close to where you started. For years we used calculator wheels to figure this out, then they invented calculators.... thank goodness.


I kindly suggest that this is a site about contax camera bodies and lenses = ......

My comment to: ".... but margin is figured from cost up versus markup which= is figured from list down. ex&le to figure what the standard margin woul= d be for an item you multiply the cost by 133 to get 25%, 150 to get 33% an= d 164 to get 40%. If you doubt me ......."