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New Fuji Velvia and new Fuji Astia



Dear members,

there will be soon a new Fuji Velvia, called Velvia 100F. With this higher ISO range I am pretty sure that this will be a homerun.

Fuji announced also a new Astia - still with ISo 100, but improved performance. Both will be presented at the PMA.



I can't wait to try new Velvia 100F... I only hope it's more a real 100 ISO than Velvia 50 is a 50 ISO. I tend to have rather underexposed slides with Velvia 50, unless I rate it at 40 ISO. (Maxxum 7 and 24-105/3.5-4.5 D).
But this is an old debate: is Velvia really 50 ISO ? Maybe I wasn't experienced enough when I experimented. Grain, contrast and colour saturation are fabulous anyway. When spring and flowers return I must go back to it with Minolta 100/f2.8 macro lens as soon as I have finished a Sensia 200 lot.
I don't know anything about Astia which I have never used. Regards to you all Minolta users, slide or print.
Dominique aka Dynaxmaniac


I have never used Velvia.I usually use 100 or 200 ISO color print film.What are the advantages of using velvia over color print film.Is this film preferrable to Kodak slide film? And if so,why? Jim McCluskey.New member and XE-7,srT 101 user.