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New G5 is coming


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According to chasseur d'image, a french photo-magazine, there seems to come a new Canon PowerShot next week. A Canon G5 with 5 MB Chip.

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Price shall be 899.- Euro.

It has a 4x zoom (f/2-f/3) 7,2-28,8mm equivalent to a 35-140mm. The chip seems to be the same as in some Olympus, Casio etc. models.

1,8" LCD-Screen, 2,5 images/second, RAW mode etc.

Available in silver and black (the black one with a 1GB INM Microdrive for 1085 Euro).
I got one last friday,

very nice kit, however I have huge problems getting a USB connection to the w2k pc.
did not succeed yet, though in my office with a newer PC it does work.

The one thing I would want to mention is that the button for "shutter release" (taking a picture) is not very ergonomically positioned for bigger hands.