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New istD owner, old lenses...



I just bought a used istd body. I have the bayonet adapter from my old k1000, and some lenses. I have them on, and done some shots. Ok results.

I really want to pick up one or two of the proper lenses for this body. As I look at ebay, I wonder if the lenses for th istDL will function properly on this earlier body.

Any comments on what will work properly on my body?


Too bad my hassie lenses wont work:z04_975:LOL


Hassie lenses on Pentax

I just received a nicely engineered adapter to fit Hasselblad lenses on Pentax bodies with K mount.
I was anxious to find out if my 120 S-Planar lens does a good job with a Pentax K 200D. Sofar all the camera says is no action.
A large "F" blinks in the display that is all I get.