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New Leica Classifieds Site LeicaMarket


New Member
Hello everybody,

I am happy to invite you to come and visit our new site for placing
photographic classified ads:
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It is primarily aimed to Leica gear both analog and digital, and
there are also general
sections for 35mm, Medium format and miscellaneous photographic gear.

Registration is free, doesn't oblige you by any terms, and is
required both to post ads and to access the listings with info to
contact the seller.

The charge for posting Classified Ads is US $ 3.45 per ad,
independently of how many items you sell inside it, or how much are
you asking. Yes, the fee is really flat, leading to better cost
projections for sellers, and avoiding occult costs to buyers.

Our best wishes of successful sales,

Ed Albesi - Guy Mancuso
LeicaMarket Team