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New lens


New Member
Hi folks,

Using the 120-400 OS on Canon body, any users got any tips please for best results and sharpest images...?

Upload limit is giving me max 400x400 is this correct..?

many thanks,



Well-Known Member
I got a couple for you...

1. Try to shoot on a mono-pod...if you can...will help stabilize you and your image...try with or with-out OS 80-400 works both ways on my mono-pod...

2. The large foot with grip I usually turn that so that it is easier to hold when hand holding the lens...I am right I move the grip over so that my left hand can grip it...

3. Upload...the limit is 400x400...but I would size down your there not too big and don't take to long to pull-up...

Hope this helps out a little...happy shooting...I look forward to viewing your shots..

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


New Member
Hi Tony,

Mono-pod sounds a good idea, will get one with a quick release head, looking forward to getting out and about with this lens.

thanks for your time,