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New M6TTL or M7




Having nearly gone 'Leica' last year, I opted to wait and got myself a Nikon 8800 in the meantime ... but there's still something missing. I still want an M!

Here's the deal - I can get a brand new M6TTL for about 1100 ukp ... I think I'd like AE with the M7 but for the extra I could buy another Leica lens (or maybe a couple of Voightlanders!!).

Is £1000-1100 a good deal on a new M6TTL??


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Dear David,

1000 to 1100 pounds sterling is not too bad of a price for the UK if you're looking to get an M6TTL. In the long run, I personally think getting an M7 would be a better choice. In reality, we seldom purchase in terms of one body and a few lenses being good for the long haul. You will probably find that after a little while, often times we find ourselves getting that fourth lens or that second body that we thought we'd never get or desired.

I had a choice between an M7 and an M6TTL, and I am glad that I did select the M7. In hindsight, I find the aperture priority and the DX contacts on the M7 to be an invaluable asset while shooting. It's easy to become passionate and engaged with your subject and it's these little things like forgeting to set the ASA speed or adjusting the shutter / aperture ratio after using the flash that has the potential to ruin an entire roll just because we merely forgot to adjust something.

With the M7, I can basically compose and shoot in the aperture priority mode, with or without flash, and not have to worry about did I or did I not forget to do something. Investing in an M body is an investment that has the potential to last you a lifetime, so if you can, get the best M body that offers the features that will make you're photography style as sleek and straight forward as possible, without having to have to worry about the little things that if not attended to, can sting you at the worst possible time.

> David, yet another opinion...! I had an M6 for 14 years, then > replaced it with an M7 when it got stolen. I must say I do like the > M7 and the convenience of the aperture priority. On the other hand, > it makes you creatively very lazy: I now use it nearly all the time > and don't put enough thought into getting the right exposure etc., > like I used to. This may be partly because I have the 0.85x > viewfinder version with the 1.25x magnifier on - which is great in > some respects since the viewfinder image is the same as with the other > (naked) eye - but has the down side of making the LED's showing > exposure time difficult to see. The end result is quite a lot of > shots with camera shake, which I just wouldn't have clicked in the old > days. It's also rather expensive for a point-and-shoot camera, which > is how I've ended up using it! Jim.


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David,Your choice will really depend on your type of photography. I own an M6, wouldn't think about an M7 but the MP gets me salivating. I also own or have owned R3, R4s and,currently, Contax645. While these cameras all offer differing amounts of automation, I use them on Manual about 98% of the time. The exception is the Contax, where I focus manually and "touch up" with AF. However, it is ALWAYS manual metering! I guess I'm a control freak



Buy the M6 and look for a used Hexar RF... you'll then have the best of both worlds. The RF is really a fine camera as well... and they take M-series lenses!