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New R owner



Hey TMLee,thanks for the feedback.i'll be picking up the R9 in a few days and can't wait! i decided on the 50mm f/1.4 summicron. does anyone think i went too far in bypassing the f/2.0 which is about half the price?i believe this is a pretty versatile lens. and for the others who questioned why at the last minute i went with R instead of M,well---the focusing appeared to be too difficult. the idea of superimposing images in a spontaneous situation did not seem realistic to me. but let me remind everyone that the body and craftsmanship of that M7 is a joy to behold,and almost won me over.but as a man who is 6 feet 2 and 250 pounds,i don't see the R as becoming a physical burden,despite its bulkiness.happy snapping to all!!!!


Besides compact, I think M is also very good at low light focus accuracy, shorter shutter lag, silent and vibration free operation.
No, you won't go too far with the F/1.4 lens as starter, the exact stop enable to take picture indoor and where light is dim.


Dear Joseph,

Your R9 is coming... Congratulations! The decision on the 50mm 1.4 Summilux today would be mine also. When i used R gear i had the 'cron (old heavy and new 55E version) and the 55E-filter version 1.4/50 'lux.
Of course You are faster 1 stop, but as in the M-theatre the contrast is lower (until f 8) and the field is behind the "slow" version 2.0.
But in the center spot both lenses do the same. (And the 'cron is simplier to use with the Tele-Extender.) These are personal experiences from me.

If You have the renewed version 'Lux R for filter 60E then You have following Erwin Puts the 'cron quality or more (which is nearly impossible?). But as i am in the M-line now i did not test that new lens.

B.t.w. it is often forgotten that the faster lens has the lighter ground screen for metering, esp. in low light situations, for better focussing.

So have fun with You middle weight gear!


Congratulations on your R9, Joseph. It must be exiting to get a new camera. It's been about a month now, how are the results? I'd love to know, i'm considering buying an R9. I'm lucky enough to work professionally (product photography-shooting digital), but these things look as though they would become part of you when you shoot.

Just curious, good luck with your new Leica!


Hi,everyone! i'm enjoying my new R9.however i have a technical problem that occurs when i use my flash (a Metz 32-MZ-3). the flash is always so intense that even when used outdoors,the surroundings appear black as though the subjects are in the darkest night. can anyone tell me if this can be adjusted to minimize flash intensity or will it be necessary to purchase a Leica flash unit??? thanx for any feedback!! Joe


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HI Joe: Just curious....are you using the correct SCA you might know, the adaptor allows the flash to be used with the TTL function of the R9. Just a thought to go through the simplest explanations first.

BTW...I very much enjoy my R8 and R9. I find I am using them more then my various M systems. For your next lens consider the 80-200/4.



Assuming you have the right SCA adapter, is the flash set to TTL? I have the same flash on my R8 and it works perfectly.



hey folks, thanks for the feedback. one question--is the SCA adaptor a separate device which connects the flash unit to the camera? i have never heard of this. there is a TTL postion on the back of this Metz flash,but it does not seem to reduce the flash intensity. so far i have been covering the bulb with a cloudy white plastic sheet of plastic which i had hoped would disperse and reduce the harshness.every shot is as bright as the sun!!


you've got it. the SCA adaptor provides all the camera's functionality to the flash and vice versa. it informs the flash of the cameras settings. it limits the flash output. etc etc. and it works beautifully.


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Remember that the TTL feature will read the light coming through the lens, therefore, when you cover it to diffuse the light, the flash will still put out what it "thinks" it needs. If you want less light, you have to set the exposure compensation maybe 2/3 stops less.


well! all of this talk about people dumping their r9 model cameras. i've had mine for one year and it has served me fairly well. still not sure i can cope without autofocus,however. while it is physically a thing of beauty, when used in low-light and spontaneous situations,it has failed me is best when used with landscapes and cityscapes as on travel outings.but all that for $4800?? ouch!!!!!!