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New Rollei Digital FYI



Rollei Prego dp6300
Tuesday, 20 July 2004 06:00 GMT

Rollei has announced its highest resolution compact camera to date in the shape of the 6.3 megapixel dp6300. The stainless steel-bodied camera also sports a 3x (35-105mm equivalent focal length) F2.8-4.7 optical zoom, a wide range of photographic features, ISO 50-200 sensitivity, shutter speeds from 8 - 1/1500th second, exposure bracketing and a 2.0" TFT screen. The 6.3MP CCD produces image sizes up to 2816x2116 pixels, large enough for prints up to A3 size. The Rollei dp6300 will be available at the end of July priced €449 ($558.60).


Any one had a look at one of these in the flesh? Be interested to know what its like...

article here:
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