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New RX user


New Member

I just got a Contax RX, put a battery in the data back, set the date, loaded film OK, I'm ready to shoot but the ISO display says 200, and I put a 100 film in it.

So I obviously need the instruction manual, but in the meantime how do I set it?

The film is Konica Centuria 100.



Gold CI-Patron
Hi Jean-Alain

The ISO setting is pretty easy although it's not very straightforward.

On the left hand side you have two dials, one for the time and another for the programme. You should now turn the lower dial (for the programme) to "ISO". The current ISO setting will appear in the display. If it says "DX 200" then your RX has recognised the film as ISO 200 according to the DX coding. Maybe the coding is wrong, maybe your RX is wrong. If it says "200" without "DX" then the ISO setting is set manually.

You can now choose the desired ISO setting by pressing the two little buttons next to the display and hence increasing or decreasing the ISO setting. You have to cycle through the entire ISO range (upwards or downwards) to reach the DX setting. If you set the camera on DX, then the RX will recognise the film automatically.

Hope this helps!



New Member
Thanks, it did help, the camera now reads the film DX code correctly. Had not tried to move the program dial, yet, and I wondered what to do with the dots marked ISO and CF.


Hi Jean-Alain,

have a quick look at our manual section:

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although there is no RX manual yet, there is a RX broschure. On one of the last pages of that broshure, many functionalities incl. Costum functions are explained. This will help enough for the first steps