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New SB80DX



ok got the new sb-80 after one of my sb28's had a premature death.
anyway, the new control layout and improved features are great. however..what the hell is the deal with that stringy, rubbery thing that attaches the battery door to the flash body?? what happen to the standard henged type door. this is bad....cost cutting at its finest i guess. i wonder how long before this thing snaps and breaks....

by the way i thought u couldnt use metal in the shoe of the flash?. this one is a nice, thick metal..i like it..feels alot more sturdy and secure then the plastic hot shoe foot of past nikon, and other brand flash units. i love the new quick release also by the way(ala minolta).


New Member
you are not alone with that cheap battery door, which i am sure you will be opening 5 times everytime you shoot. just gotta be careful. it sucks....I have a question about the SB-28DX flash- I have heard that the SB-28DX can sometimes have faulty TTL output. Not always, but once in a while i have heard the flash puts out a totally eroneous TTL output for no obviuos reason. One person i asked said he heard of some problems with nikon D1 and SB-28DX, but he had not heard of any problems beyond that. I want to use it with my F100 and primarily with my Fuji S2, and am concerned if i should instead get the much more expensive SB-80DX. The 28 would work fine for my needs, but i do not want erratic TTL output at any price. any knowledge of these problems, or know someone who knows? thanks, john