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New Sigma Lens Range For Digital Cameras


Well-Known Member
Sigma have a new range of DC lenses made especially ( and ONLY ) for Digital cameras ..I have just bought the 55-200mm lens and results seem very favourable ..Anyone else bought any of the range ?? Stuart



I would quite frankly be leery of "digital only" lenses without some hard review data. A lot of times it basically means the edge performance is compromised on a full 35mm frame - they lobotomize the optics because the fraction-sized digital sensors will not notice that portion of the image. Hopefully they are cheaper, but chances are a full-frame "non-digital" lens will give you better edge performance.


Well-Known Member
As the lenses are quite new( I believe ) there are probably few,if any,reviews of them but there are a couple on the Sigma site but you may consider them not to be independent but here is the link anyway ...The names of the reviewers are at the top of the page ...
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