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New SLX MkII outfit What can I expect


Hello all, I have just purchased a Rolleiflex SLX outfit that appears to be in amateur-owned good condtion. I regularly run a new 6003 and a 3003, so I am familiar with their foibles. So, I wondered what to expect in comparison?

This surprise purchase will permit me to deaccession a Pentacon Six TL outfit I've been building over the spring, and get back to one lens bag.

Any quirks? Dreaded dead stops or helpful operting hints for me? Many thanks,


Active Member
It is handy to have a spare film insert, these are the same as the 6002/6006. As for operation of the camera, you can manually meter quite easily: Set the lens to A (auto), this is the only setting at which the light meter will work. With the camera on, press the meter/preview button and observe where the needle goes on the lens. The camera works just like a spot meter. Then, when you've gotten your reading, set the aperture to your desired setting. It is a shutter-priority system but its not usually much of a detriment. Just make sure neither of the red LEDs is on when you meter.

I have an off-brand modern charger that discharges the battery and re-charges with a pulsating current. Very effective at overcoming memory effect, and it cost $60. I can send you details if you e-mail me. Remember that the fuse is different from the 6003/6008.

I recommend before you start, very carefully cleaning all of the film transport rollers on the body and in the back, with a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol. Then let them dry completely before using the camera. This will ensure even film spacing.

Enjoy! The metering system is better than anything else out there except the 6003/6008. And the optics are outstanding.