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New T3 user

Hello all,

I'm expecting my T3 any day now. I'm looking forward to shooting it in addition to my M6 Leica (with Zeiss Biogon 2/35 lens).

I'm hoping to find some active T3 shooters!

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Those particular shots were made on Kodak BW400CN C-41 process film, and machine-scanned.

I love the sharpness. I don't think I could have gotten better results with my M6.


Gold CI-Patron
Hi David

The results are really good. They really remind me of the good old times when I used to shoot the same film or the Tri-X, which I liked as well. Now I feel like going out and shooting some film! :) Thanks!

Wow...glad someone actually SAW these posts. AND...I'm glad it inspired you to shoot some film.

I think I'll shoot some color this weekend at the amusement park with my kids...and my T3.


Gold CI-Patron
Hi David

There's always someone looking at the photographs, even if they do not reply to the posts. So be assured, your photographs are beeing looked at. :)

Unfortunately I saw that some of my old cameras do not work at the moment. I guess it is because they were standing around for too long. I will pick one or two and give it to the service.



New Member
Your images

David - I've just joined the forum, and was interested in your images, as I have no experience of the Contax compacts. They looked fine, the details was impressive.

Regards - Michael


@ David

please upload the images as described here:

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Links get too often broken over the time. This is why we do not allow image-linking if you want to have image-comments here in the forum