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New to me Sigma DP1. Tips and Helpful Hints please


New Member
Hi, I was lucky to buy a like new Sigma DP1 for $199.00 (with shipping included). I consider myself very lucky. But I am new to Sigma Cameras and Foveon Sensors. I would appreciate a few tips and helpful hints.

I'm not that great of a photographer, but I enjoy it and want to get the most out of my camera. I have a tremor that causes me all sorts of problems with most cameras that I own. I have a monopod and a tripod and they help a lot.

So, if anyone wants to share some Sigma Secrets, I would really appreciate it.



Well-Known Member
I have four for you...

1st...shoot RAW all the time....then Proccess in SPP (Sigma Photo Pro) then save as a JPG or Tiff and port into your other programs... with's not your tipical works a lot like an old style large format...compose your shots...and think it will get one shot or two shots then have to wait for the buffer to empty...

3rd...only use class 4 or above SD cards...will not help with the buffer read/write...but will definately help you when your downloading the large files...I personally only use class 6 or 8....

4th...PLAY WITH IT FIRST...I can not stress this more...once you have the hang of works just have to learn the quarks...also...if you have any of the PS adapters ie...fisyeye...or zoom adapter...

Once you shoot right with it...the pictures are some of the best from a P&S camera...

Good Luck and read thru a lot of the threads...there is a lot of good information here on the foveon sensor and it's quarks...

Show us your picts.....Tony C. :z04_cowboy: