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new to sd14 such as to the forum...


Active Member
Hi dear members,

I'm really new to this forum although I have spent a lot of time wandering on it, reading your many advices on the SD14 before I decided to buy one and join you once and for all against this commercial mention that is Megapixels :p

In real life, my name is Pedro, I'm 28 (soon just waiting for september 15th) and live in France... I used to take photos with my father Zenith E (from Angola) when I was younger before I decided to go to a nice Flexaret V then an Arsenal Salyut S of 1978... and now, in the same time sad to let them take a good break but excited to discover and see what my SD14 can give me, and I must tell that for my first week end with it I am confident It can still bring me a hella lot of pleasure ,)

Well my friends, let me show you my two prefered shots of this week end, hoping you'll enjoy them

Best regards



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