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New User - Looking for 39mp Detailed Images


New Member
Hi Im a new user here.

I was hoping to be able to find some very large 39mp people and glamour images here to evaluate the Hassy and Phase 1 systems. I presently shoot closeup / headshots / and glamour type images and am beginning to generate the kind of revenue that could possibly support a MF Camera later on this year possibly. Im at the early exploration and first budget stages. Im NOT ready for a salesman yet...ive got some exploring and evaluation work to do.

Could some more experienced members list possibly some special URLS... or maybe some large image forums... or places where there are links to existing HiRes images. I would like to see full size skin detail and eye detail of the larger size images. I also do post work and am going to evaluate the images from that perspective. I have HS Internet so the file sizes do not concern me. Web or even FTP is no problem.

The images here seem like looking thru peepholes at the reality beyond the having a disappointing time seeing the quality in images at 1200 pixels. Thanks for any links of headshot type images.




Active Member
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The above link is to a thread on another forum that has some very interesting examples. It is very long but quite a read! One thing MFD has over 35mm is more accurate skin tones and much smoother gradients which are very evident at even 1200 pix.


Well-Known Member
Please note hasselbladinfo forum offers a generous 1200x1200 pixels and or 585 Kb for club members.
That is more than any other internet forum offers.