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Hello everyone. My son bought a new SD14 and I was out playing with it the other day. I was at a coffee shop talking with some motorcycle riding friends when I saw this girl looking at us. I quick grabbed the camera and took a shot. It was set on 1600 ISO and I had a old Pentacon F1.8 lens on it that I found on Ebay for $15.
I used the x3fill slider and moved it all the way to the left to change the effects of the lighting. I am quite impressed with this feature. The lighting was quite dim from only florescent lights.

My own camera is a Olympus E-P1 that I like a lot but I found that I more often get good pictures with the SD14. I think the faster response time is what does it. The Pen takes about a half second to fire and that's all it takes to miss a shot. I don't see what the big deal is about high ISO and SD14. Just a little over exposure seems to fix the shadow noise. I used CS3 to sharpen her eye and add a touch of more color to lips.
Normally I like exposures to be sharper than this but I think it still has a nice effect.


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