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New Zeiss Ikon SW camera



There will be a Zeiss Ikon Super Wide available this October for 799,00 € (without VAT). Sounds very interesting for this price.

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Well-Known Member
Hm. I have a naive question. Would it be possible to attach any ZM lens to this guy (plus viewvinder, of course) and use it as "usual" camera?


...if you are able to frame and meter, I would say yes. It seems that this new Zeiss Ikon SW is similra to the old Bessa L. Same retsriction in comfort on both I guess...

It is always the M-mount. So it does not matter, whether it is ZM lens or leica M lens, you can put it always on. It is only difficult without the usual rangefinder. This is why they offer the superwide Viewfinder hotshoe.


Well-Known Member
You would only use this ZI SW for wide angles.

Like Hasselblad SWC, Alpa 12 TC, ZI SW is "blind" for the distance. When I am using my ZM21 2.8 on my Leica M3, I rarely focus with the rangefinder. Looking at the depth of view readings seems to be more important to do before you take a pic. As you know, there is no coupling of rangefinder in ZM15 2.8, so using this lens in a camera with no rangefinder is more sensible.

I would prefer to use Leica MD, MDa or M1 on ZM15 2.8 for their excellent shutters. For those who prefers light weight, ZI SW is the choice.