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New Zeiss lenses but not for R cameras


Well-Known Member
There are a few new Zeiss lenses coming up. They will have M42 screw mount and Nikon F mount. Unfortunately, none of them will be able to use in Leica R cameras.

The Leica R lenses mount interface is slightly anterior to the plane for the Zeiss lenses. It mean even if there is a M42 to R adapter, the lenses will be too anterior. The infinity will become more proximal. The lens will not be able to focus to infinity.

However, if you don't need focus to infinity, these lenses are great. One application is in macro work.
Whilst I've the greatest of respect for Zeiss lenses ( I've owned several Zeiss lenses in the past), I cannot see any self-respecting Leica owner wanting to use lenses made by anybody else. The raison d'etre of owning a Leica body is to use Leica lenses on it. I'm well aware Zeiss are comparable-maybe worth considering if there's a focal length/aperture combination offered which Leica doesn't. But something like a 50mm F1.4 for ex&le? IMVHO crazy...