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New Zeiss Lenses For All Mounts



Happy New Year, everyone.

Since we can't post against Dirk's original post I thought I'd start a thread for the Canon side ...

Sounds interesting - wonder what the lens line-up is going to be. They're going to have to be noticeably better than what's available right now from the CY / Leica R lenses to get existing users to move, but for new users could be a money-saving boon. Wonder if they're going to have a Zeiss 21mm killer

Has anyone used an M42 adapter, and how do they compare with the CY / Leica R adapters available? Any info would be great. Cheers!



Dirk, I'm wondering if maybe you should start a "Strange Camera / Lens Combinations" forum


Hi DJ,

yes, this is goimg weired in teh photo-industry.Maybe we should close all separated forums and just call a new forum "Zeiss and friends"

I do not know M42 adapters, so I can not help you there.

I have to go to bed now...


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I have an M42 adaptor which I think I got years ago from SRB in the UK. I've just had a look at their site and couldn't make head nor tail of it but they have always been very good to deal with. I don't think the adaptor was expensive and you can probably buy them from several places.
I use mine with a CZ Jena 135 screw thread lens. It provides metering but no automatic stop down so in order to see anything you have to focus wide open. Otherwise it works fine. I just tend to use the lens wide open otherwise I usually forget to stop down. It is f3.5 anyway so is not too wide.