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News from Zeiss on Wednesday


News from Zeiss on Wednesday?


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looks like on December 21st, they want to announce something new...

If you look at the image in the background, you will see the text "handwritten":

"Millions of SLR photographers will soon discover a new dimension of photography"

So it has to do something with SLR


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> [Maybe something film-related and with C/Y mount? Should it be the case, I add it to my wish list Regards, Robert] >


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Let me try to make a forecast :)
Cosina was the manufacturer of Yashica FX-3 Super and Contax S2 and at the present is the manufacturer of the Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera.
Contax brand is still unavailable ...
As most simple issue, they will present a "Cosina S2" marked Zeiss Ikon. C/Y mount of course.
Or, to be more close to the new Zeiss Ikon way, an S2 with Leica R mount ( named "ZR"? ;-) )
Or, again, will they continue to the Kyocera suicidal line with a new body, a new lens mount, a new system totally incompatible to the past?

Yes, I am holding breath too!



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What's the point when all the film companies are going out of business. What made zeiss special was that they were ahead of the game at the time with their innovative coating and lens designs. The game is changed now and it's about innovative digital design and circuitry which has given canon the edge. Unless they start making lenses for canon, anything they do is only for a select film diehards and collectors.


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Thanks Dirk,
I do hope we are going to be saying "Yippee!"
Please Father Christmas could we have a digital Cosina and C/Y, (as suggested by Ulisse) S2?...
P.S. full frame


I don't know how well Leica DMR sells (anyone has idea?). If it is good then I'd agree C/Y mount is within possiblity. Although at this fast pacing in photo industry it is hard to imagine anything that is not digital or AF to be claimed "new dimension"... OK granted I'm a fervent N supporter/prisoner and I'm dreaming a N mount DSLR. Not that ND is not good, it's just I want to see the blood line being continued.

This ambiguous news shipped me back to 20 years ago, when I was eagerly guessing my Christmas gift a week before the day. Just for this I should thank Zeiss...
cosina digital slr with N mount zeiss lens and
10 million pixel dalsa 35mm full frame sensor...

or digital rangefinder version of zeiss ikon film camera with more lens and 8 million pixel aps size sensor...


Who said "all the film companies are going out of business"? Some, yes, like Agfa but Ilford is back and there are a number of East European companies doing well. How many companies making digital equipment have fallen by the wayside? I'm no specialist but Kyocera is an obvious ex&le. Does that mean digital is on its way out? I think it quite possible that film will still be around when the current digital technology is replaced. How long was it before CD technology was replaced? After all, you have to keep the shareholders happy. Pity about the consumer.

With luck, Zeiss will anounce the SLR equivalent of the Zeiss Ikon (same branding?) M-mount rangefinder, hopefully with a body the size of the 167MT, using the C/Y mount. No autofocus. Aperture priority and manual with centre-weighted and spot metering. I hope I am not just dreaming!


> [Am I the only one on this forum who would find the introduction of yet > another digital camera very boring?

Who said "all the film companies are going out of business"? Agfa yes, but Ilford is back and a number of East European companies are doing well. Film will remain a niche product, of course, but I feel it will still be around for quite a few years yet and certainly when current digital technology is replaced. How long did the original CD technology last? And anyway, how many companies producing digital equipment have fallen by the wayside? I'm no specialist but an obvious ex&le is Kyocera. Does that mean the end of digital?

Personally, I hope that Wednesday's news will be the SLR equivalent of the Zeiss Ikon (Cosina) M-mount. I hope the body will be the size of the 167MT with C/Y mount (no autofocus of course) and aperture priority and manual, centre-weighted and spot metering.

It's probably a dream but if it isn't, I would be very tempted - which I wouldn't be by yet another digital offering.]


Hi Dirk,
Interesting thread started. I fear we may all be getting carried away with hopes of a new camera. I'm wondering how Zeiss have been reacting to the recent enthusiasm for many of the Contax system lenses - maybe all they will offer is a Zeiss-made series of adapters for a variety of SLR systems. When Kyocera folded the Contax brand, how many Zeiss lenses remained produced but unsold? Or perhaps I'm being curmudgeonly and something really exciting will happen on Wednesday...
Cheers, Graham


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"I don't know how well Leica DMR sells (anyone has idea?)"

As far as I know, they are backordered trying to keep up with initial demand, and coming in slowly.

If Zeiss brings forward a new SLR I'd be shocked. There are so many bodies available for both N and C/Y use it would seem fruitless... unless of course it had some incredible innovations in it ... like in-camera anti shake or something.

Only a C/Y or N mount digital body would be of demanding interest I think. But their little note doesn't seem to lead to that conclusion because it says "Millions of SLR Photographers".

What could be extracted from their cryptic note "millions of SLR photographers will discover a new dimension", indicates something that more than just C/Y or N users will be interested in.

Since Zeiss is a lens maker, perhaps like other 3rd party lens makers they have obtained license from Canon and/or Nikon to use their mounts and data bus connections ... or have back engineered such mounts? I doubt it, but one could hope.

The words "new dimension" is the truly cryptic part. This could indicate anything from size ... a smaller SLR digital camera from someone like Sony with interchangeable smaller lenses based on some existing APS format Zeiss lenses ... to God knows what.


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Yes, it is intriguing. I reckon it must be either an adapter as Graham said or lenses in other mounts but if they are existing lenses, they wouldn't be able to autofocus - not in the C/Y line anyway. I reckon we will just have to wait and see. Perhaps we will all be confounded or on the other hand perhaps we will not!


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A new N-mount dSLR would be the best x-mas news for me.

But, I don't think so.

Any film camera/lens won't interest me since I am very happy with my C645 and N1.


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The possibility of an announcment of Zeiss lenses in Canon and/or Nikon mounts is surely intriguing.
Zeiss is finally deeply into autofocus systems (see the new autofosus lenses for Synar) so, could be not only a dream ...
For SURE they are taking about reflex systems not raangefinders, because on German version of site, on the paper there is "spiegelreflex" written on.


PS: Yes, we are surely boring someone talking about the old, surpassed C/Y system and films... But remember, some people out there (me for ex&le) is still using the old pre-war rangefinder Zeiss lenses on new Zeiss Ikon camera through a baionet adapter ;-)
Crazy ? :)


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Hi Ken,
I can't get that page to come up. The Zeiss site says page not found. Is it me?


Hi John,

Maybe the number of characters of the hyperlinks are too long for this forum as you can see the back part is not underlined. Just copy the whole link onto the Address box and will take you there.



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> Hi all. I was expecting something like that. But it seems that, for the time being, we'll only have the lenses, and the camera will come up later. I remember talking to a friend this weekend about Zeiss and Contax (I took him to the dark side of Zeiss), and since he's bought 2 planars 50/1.7 and one Aria. He's waiting for a S2 or a RX. Well, I told him, how about Nikon and Zeiss coming together? Nikon makes great products, their MF lenses line is impressive (yes Zeiss is better, we know) and we shouldn't forget that the first Nikon rangefinder was a prewar Contax, and the current limited edition S3 cannot hide their heritage.

But... Nikon and Contax together? Could this be a real real giant? Maybe...

So for the time being, the only thing we can do is just wait... and see... Personally I would like to see the C/Y line come back to life again, I want to put my S2 to a nice retirement. The winding hangar spring broke, nothing serious but annoying (yo know the winding lever not resting in the "rest" position, yashica spain said I had to change the whole winding mechanism, so I ordered the parts from Tocad america. Hopefully they will be with me next week.

Best regards, Robert >