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Nikkor 1224mm and Fuji S2 Pro


New Member
Hi All

My first post, does anyone know if a Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm f4 ED G IF DX lens (There's a mouthfull) will work alright with a Fuji S2 Pro?

And can anyone give comment on the sharpness of this lens also....


It works really nice on my D200.I find it to be very sharp in the finished project and so far have not had to show any problems at all. But that is a limited amount of shots I have taken with it. I don't know about your camera.


Hi the combination you mention should work fine.
I tried out the same combination when I was looking for a wide angle zoom.
But I settled on the Sigma Hsm 10mm-20mm a lens that I am still impressed with both image and build wise.