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Nikkor 1870 on D70 with Extension Tube


New Member
Hi everyone,

For macro photography, I purchased a 12mm extension tube for my D70. The latter came with a standard G-type 18-70 Nikkor lens.

Once the lens was mounted on top of the extension, I could no longer control aperture. Is it normal? I do want to be able to change apterture to control depth of field. Do I need a different lens? Am I limited to those equipped with an apterture ring?

Thanks in advance.


it seems the tube is not transfering lens to body communication. only option is to use manual mode (M) to set aperture/time with both dials.

what brand/model of tube is it? I was thinking about Kenko and I am still hoping it will be working wth auto modes...


New Member
The brand is actually Nikon, and indeed it has no wiring to transfer the commands to the lens, and since the lens has no manual aperture ring, I can't set the aperture.

It looks like Kenko tubes do have the necessary wiring, so I am going back to B&H today and will try to exchange the merchandize