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Nikkor 24120mm Lenses New and Old



Hello all! I am looking at the Nikkor 24-120mm lens on the second hand market. I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to compare the ED 24-120mm AF with the ED 24-1200 AF-S VR (the new version with stabilisation etc)? I was interested in knowing if there was any optical quality diffence between the two lenses, or if it was just an addition of features in the newer lens. Can anyone help me. Nikon have been extremely unhelpful.


Hi James, I read this
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review last year before pre-ordering the 24-120 VR and I think just about everything you need to know about the two lenses is there.

Mine has been a very good performer for me, providing you don't shoot wide open. Just about any f stop above 5.6 provides good to excellent results. The VR is a God send at times. I've managed useable results as slow a 1 sec hand held. Normally though, 1/8 is about the lower limit. Like I said, just about every question you might have is addressed in the articles.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.



I've got the older "non-VR" version.

If you're shooting outdoors, the VR really won't do you any good unless you're shooting slower than 1/100.

Like Boris said, if you're using a slow speed like like 1 sec or so, it'll help tremendously.

So for low light indoor pictures or low light outdoors, I can see the benefits of this lens. However if you shoot low light, you probably want a 2.8 lens or so..

But the 24-120 is a very versatile lens given it's wide zoom range.

My 24-120 is nice and sharp, so if you buy a used one, see if you can mount it on your body and try it out before making the purchase.


I have both the new and the old. My wife likes the VR. I have not used the older style since I bought a 12-24. I am going to sell the 24-120 as I can't see holding the lens and not using it.
Good Luck,


I have the newer VR version and have had very good results, especially at f/5.6 or smaller. I am selling it, though, because I am interested in the new Sigma 50-150 f/2.8 for sports photos. Interested?