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Nikkor to Leica M adapter




I've searched the net to see if there's a solution for me to use my Nikkor lenses on a Leica M body (in fact it's a Bessa R2).

Does any one of you know if this is possible?

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A looked at Camera Quest and they have exactly what i needed
I want to attach a nikkor AIS lens to my Bessa R2.


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mmm, let me post a comment on this topic.
I have Leicas and Nikons but I must confess that I'm probably missing something here.
Why mounting Nikkors on Leicas? You can't focus them! Withour rangefinder coupling is really very hard to take sharp pictures not only with tele but also with superwides (and you need a finder anyway).
I find superwides in fact very difficult to focus precisely on my F3 and F2, especially below 2 meters (of course if you focus to infinity or use hyperfocal scale focusing that's ok)
And don't forget that a Bessa R2 is basically a modified nikon FM10: ever thought of buying a FM10 instead of the adapter ring (is cheaper too).
My 5 cents only of course.



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I have the Cameraquest Nikon/Leica adaptor and it works really well.

I use it to put a Nikkor 28mm lens on my M6TTL. You don't need the rangfinder coupling, just zone focus and you are all set. Fantastic results, and I can use a lens that I already have instead of buying a new one!

Voigtlander have a 25mm/f4 lens for the Leica that is not rangefinder coupled. The zone/hyperfocal technique is really all you need...