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Nikon brings D5 and D500 with new technology!



exciting news. Nikon announced on the CES the Nikon D5 and Nikon D500. The D5 is fullframe, has 20.8MP, 4K Video, vastly improved AF System (a new generation), new Processer (5th generation) and much more. High Iso capability up to 3.2 Million! Price arount 6.900 USD.

The even better news are, that Nikon put the same technology in the new DX camera fpr Sport/wildlife photographers. The DX Model is called D500, has a tilting screen and the same processor, AF system und 4K Video as the D5. The D500 comes also with 20.8MP, but it must be a different sensor, since the pixel pitch is different to the one of the D5. High ISO capability up to 1.6 Million!

I will upload some videos of the press conference and production descriptions later...

Best wishes


Nikon D5 4K Video:

Nikon D5 general videos:

Technical specification of the D5:

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price around 6.500.- USD

Technical specification of the D500:

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price around 1.999.- USD