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Nikon D850 officially announced


Nikon announced today the successor of the D810, the D850. As expected, everything improved. The D850 has now 46 MP, the AF module of the Nikon D5, 4K Video, a tiltable touchscreen and much more. On paper this sounds all good.

Even the price stayed at least in the US the same. In the US, the D850 will cost 3.300 USD, same as the D810 when it was introduced. In Germany though, Nikon increased the price from 3.300.- Euro of the D810 at introduction up to 3.800.- Euro, which leaded to a heated discussion in our German sister forum...

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Link to the Nikon D850 website:

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Most important specs:


First impressions from dpreview are that the AF is from the D5 and very impressive but 4K video is disappointing.