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Nikon F75


I have recently bought the newly launched Nikon F75 this is my first serious camera and in past i have used only Focus Free Point n shoot camera, since the jump is too big i am having serious problems with this camera, i dont understand most of the functions and when i take a picture it looks like my hand shakes, and many a picture comes out blurred (see picture) although some pictures are very good and hence i am happy too. but my complain is that to buy a high-tech camera like this i wanted to to many things but because the manual is not illstrative enuf, i am limited to use it as a point n shoot on the auto mode, with an added zoom.


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Anupam, what is it exactly that you are complaining about? What terms are "greek" to you? Your complaint seems not to be about the camera (or manual) per se, but about your own lack of understanding of phtographic technique. A camera manual can only go so far (not that Nikon's manuals are particularly stellar, but that's not the point) - perhaps you should pick up a book about photography so you can understand what ISO/ASA implies and begin learn the other technical aspects of the craft.


[Anupam] Bob, u r correct, I am not eligible to comment on the camera's abilities, my complain is that for a starter the manual doesn't help much hence I am forced to use it in the auto mode all the time, if you see the picture which I took is blurred at a point now this is also a frequent problem that I am facing, many of my picture gets blurred. I am also surfing and visiting plenty of sites on the subject and my improvement is slow but positive.


Amazon/ Barnesnoble should have a Magic Lantern series that are fine = guides for individual Nikon Cameras. If you can find the guide and buy = it, it could succeed where the camera manual failed.=20


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The reason that the image you posted was blurry (actually only part of it was blurry) is because you were probably using a low speed (iso 100/200) film in a dark indoor situation and a person is moving. In this situation your shutter speed is too slow to stop action/movement. Most of the rest of the image looks to be OK (I can't fully tell without full size image) You may want to try 400 or 800 iso film or try using the built in flash (unless of course flash isn't allowed in this situation). A high-end camera will only help those who know how to use it, and understand the basics of photography.

The manual is meant to teach you how to use the camera. Not how to make good photographs. There are many assumed skills involved in purchasing a high-end camera. Most manuals I've seen do not teach photography skills. I think based on what I've seen, I think it would be wise to follow Bob Fatley's advice and get a book on photography. That will make the instruction manual make much more sense.

Your posted image demonstrates a lack of knowledge with regards to necessary shutter speeds to freeze objects in an indoor situation. That is all.


[Anupam] I appreciate the response and I am thankful to Kanan, Deepak, Yogi and Bob for their inputs, Mr. Yogi, you and me have the same point, a person like me who does not know nothing about any aspect of picture taking has gone and bought a good camera to take good family pictures for memorabilia. Now in my case I have a tight work schedule and I know that in my case good pictures will come only with time and more interaction with forums and photography journals.


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Dear All,
Has anyone seen the original Japan made Nikon N75/F75?
If you have one or see one could you check where is it made? Please indicate your region.
Here in Australia most of Nikon cameras are made in Taiwan.