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Nikon lens adapter to Sigma SD 9 & SD10 body...



I just want to show quickly what is available for Nikon glass users, who want to test/use a Sigma SD9 or SD10 with their old Nikon lenses.

There is an adapter from JTAT, which will work only with the Sigma SD9 and Sigma SD10, because those two have a different mount then the Sigma SD14. It is still the Sigma mount, but the shape on the outside is differently and the JTAT adapter needs a certain kind of shape to "snap in".

Link to Jtat:
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You can focus at infinity with the JTAT adapter by the way

See the images:

On the following image, you can see that the mount of the SD9/SD10 has a kind of "outside mount". These 4 "corners" are important for the JTAT adapter to get attached.


The SD14 does not have these 4 "corners". See the comparison SD14 vs. SD10 mount here:


and in close up side by side. Please see also that the SD9/Sd10/SA300 mount is coming slightly out of the mirror box (forget the broken body, it has nothing to do with it).

The SD 14 mount has no space between mount and body. This is the second criteria, which the JTAT adapter needs to be attached properly to the Sigma mount.

sa300_seite_bajonettring_web.jpg SD14_seite_bajonett_web.jpg

And this is how the JTAT Nikon Sigma adapter is looking like


JTAT Nikon Sigma adapter on a SD10 body:


So the Jtat Sigma Nikon adapter is only a solution for Sigam SD9 and Sigma SD10 users. 150 USD price tag.

As a user (Tony) reported there is now a new adapter out there from a different company, which shall make it possible to use Nikon lenses also with the Sigma SD14. Look here for this:
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