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Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED



Nikon has announced a new line of scanners to replace the current line (IV, 4000 and 8000).

They announce faster scanning and higher Dmax as well as an all-new image sensor.

Has anyone seen results notably from the Super Coolscan 5000? Noticeable difference compared to 4000?




the scanner is not yet at the dealer's shelves, so we still have to wait a few weeks before seeing user reviews about it onthe net...


Thanks Dirk

Just seemed that timing of launch varied from one country to another as much noise made around Europe and Asia but not sure about USA. Thought maybe a chance had been on shelves in US or at least in Asia perhaps.

In France I know expected next week.

Actually eager in that I had bought a the 4000 ED a couple weeks ago but brought it back immediately when I heard they were coming out with the 5000 with a higher DMax and faster scanning speeds in addition to new sensor.

I only scanned a few black and white negs with the 4000 but already quality was leagues beyond the LS-2000 I own with which I've been struggling with for B&W negatives. A real problem for a Leica user!