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nikon to sd14 adapter question


Hi all, this is my first post here, I apologise if you hear the same question again. I own the SD14 for infrared use mainly and want to know if there is an adapter for my Nikon lenses. I find on the internet the JTAT adapter but I think that this is for the SD9-10 only. Any info would be very helpful for me.


Thank you in advance


I have a Sigma SD 14 which I have a Nikon Mt on. It was a back up camera for me and I found it worked very well with the mount.

The mount was made by LUIS A GUEVARA who specializes in mounts for the Sigma SD14.

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I am selling this camera in the For Sale section if anyone is interested.



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Luis's adapter is actually replacing the lens mount on the works like a charm...and functions great....

due to the space difference and how the adapter would fit...I don't think it would mount properly....

But if you would like a make-shift one that will probably not focus to can get a nikon f to m42 adapter then m42 to Sigma SA adapter...and this should also give you the desired affect you want...again...due to the gap from the lens....I bet this will not let you focus to infinity...but it should work...

Good Luck...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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Well you could try the cheap Roxsen Nikon lens to M42 camera adapter, which, despite being inexpensive, even comes with a padded carry case.
Then you just need an M42-SA adapter and your in business. You dont get infinity focus with this adapter combo, just close ups and macros, and for this reason I use my Roxsen adapter exclusively for my two Nikon Micro Nikkors, where this adapter combo gives you a magnification advantage. For Nikon lenses that I want to use at infinity, like my 35mm f1.4 AIS and 105mm f2.5 AIS, I convert them to SA mount.
The other option is a Roxsen Nikon lens to PK adapter, which unlike the former Roxsen adapter, is an optical adapter, ie: It contains an optical element in the adapter to correct the difference in registration distance so you can get infinity focus. I dont like optical adapters as they can reduce image quality and introduce CA problems, but its not that expensive either, so its worth a look.