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Nikon Z6 as digital back


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Is anyone getting the Nikon Z6 and will be using it as a digital back with adapted lenses? My favorite FL is 24mm and I see it is not due until 2020; the 20mm in 2019 is a bit too wide for me. So in the meantime I plan to get the Z6 and either the FTZ or other adapter to use legacy wide angle (WA) lenses with it; of course after I appropriate the $2K+ to fund the Z6.

Has anyone tried WA legacy glass on their Z series bodies? I suppose legacy SLR lenses are retro focus designed so they should work fine without much fuss.


Hi Crocus63,

I would recommend you to buy for this scenario rather a D750. It Is much cheaper and has basically the same image quality. On top of that, there are no restrictions for your own glass for sure.

I do think the new Z system only makes sense for old Nikon users, if there is
either something the Z body has and what you can not have with a Nikon DSLR or you need the new Z lenses now.

Third scenario would be if you enter new in a system without old glass, then I would.recommend the Z system, depending on what you take pictures of. Z6/7 are not as good as Nikon DSLRs when it come to sports etc.

So I still would recommend rather the Nikon D850 or D5 than the Z7.

In your case, the D750 is an excellent camera for your old Nikon glass. It is a mature product. No design flaws.

in 2 years latest there will be new Nikon Z models out there which are improved over the Z6/7. The money you saved today you will have later for those new Z models.


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Thanks for the quick reply. This is pretty much the same conclusion I came down to. The D750 would suit my Nikon glass along with some legacy manual focus lenses I have laying around. The D850 is better but is also much bigger than what I'm willing to carry around. I have been waiting for a smaller system to use with my lens collection, so the new Z6 seems to fit that light and smaller criteria.

My new direction towards the Z6 was also due to other factors, EVF resolution and more importantly it would be able to adapt more than my Nikon legacy glass (e.g. Contax CY lenses with appropriate adapter). This was one of the big reasons I have been still shooting with my Contax RTS II; I can't seem to let go of them and start over with new lenses. But alas, finding a reputable film development lab has become harder and harder to find, so the Nikon Z6 with native lenses seem to fit the bill when all of them have been released.


Why don't you wait a few weeks until more specification and some reviews about the Panasonic full frame L-Mount cameras are available?

You have to invest longterm in new glass anyway. So I would strongly suggest to look also to alternatives outside of the Nikon mount.

There is a new schedule for Photokina starting in 2019. In the past, Photokina was only every 2 years and always in September. From 2019 on, it will be every year and always in Summer.

I expect therefore a totally different way how the producers will launch new products. This might have an influence on your decision.


Nikon Df would also be an interesting idea. I like the old style appearance a lot.

But to be honest, after seeing some iamges made with the Z6/Z7 and the new Nikon glass for this mount, I am really impressed by the image quality.

I am currently in no need for fullframe, but if I would be, the Nikon Z-system and the L-Mount systems would be the systems I would do more research.