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NMount to Canon EOS Adapter Now available


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N-mount owners have often asked if their lenses can be adapted to fit Canon digital bodies, which has been impossible up til now:

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The new adapter means the mount has to be replaced, so you will no longer be able to use the lenses on Contax bodies, but for many this will be a small sacrifice.
I haven't used it myself, as I use C/Y lenses, but if any members have tried I'm sure others will be interested in your findings.


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Well, well; that does sound like a breakthrough for N mount lens owners.
Best wishes,


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Excellent news. Even the AF and stopdown would work. This gives food for thought. Whilst I am very happy with my ND, it's good to know that there is this option. I note that only a couple of lens adaptors are available now...with more, thankfully, available next year. Does anyone know of a good lens repair specialist or three(each major continent perhaps?) who would offer a service. I would hate to use trial and error when it comes to such conversions.



I just contacted Conurus with the following question:



We are running the biggest Contax Community forum on the net among other forums and heard about your products. Are you planning to release adapters for connecting either Zeiss N Lenses or Zeiss RTS Lenses on Minolta/Sony DSLRs?

Thanks in advance



This is the answer:


Hi Dirk,

Thank you for your inquiry! Please relay this information to your forum.

For N lenses to Minolta/Sony, we see this as technically impossible. The aperture of N lenses is controlled electronically but for Sony it is a mechnical linkage. While it is possible to turn an electronic signal to mechnical movement, there is no way to do the opposite with a fast-enough response. The same applies to other mounts with mechanical aperture linkage, such as Nikon and Pentax. (Pentax is even more impossible because both focusing and aperture are mechanical.)

We have no plans to introduce anything for Y/C mount manual focus lenses. I am not familiar with those lenses but my understanding is that there is 1mm of film-to-flange distance between Y/C and Minolta Alpha mounts. However, the Minolta/Sony mount throat has a small diameter and there is not enough room to fit an adapter in between.

conurus - conversion from N-mount to EF-mount


If there is enough demand, we might try to get special prices for Contaxinfo members.

But first I would like to get the view of Dr. Nasse of Carl Zeiss about this. I sent him today an e-mail with a link to the Conurus website and asked him about his opinion. As soon as I get an answer, I will update you on this...


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So does this mean that I can now use all my N mount lenses on the Canon 1Ds or 1D bodies ? If so, I am glad I held on to my N mount lenses as I have yet to come across any canon L lenses (maybe the 35L and 85L) that come even close to what these have to offer.

From the website, it seems like this is still in the development stage and notthing has been completed yet. Are there any other adapters like this or is this the first and only one ?


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"Conurus conversion from N-mount to EF-mount" indeed is a good new as I still own ton of N-mount and C645 lenses.

However, it makes more sense for me to get the 645 conversion adaptor which is available in 2007. So there is no actual non-reversible conversion to my N lenses.

I have not tried the Conurus product yet. But my lesson learned: Get the 35L and 85L and never look back. Or use N-mount lenses on ND/N1. Life will be much simplier and happier (at least in my own production world.)