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No Global Financial Crisis Here ...


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People are are putting up fences made of gold here where I live. :)

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

You are most welcome to visit my humble gallery @
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Wrong location ...

My humble apologies to the administrator. This should have been posted in "City Still Life & Abstract".

Regards, JR


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Thanks, Uwe ...

... and regarding a "solution", it's really a metal fence with a chocolate brown coating of paint. It was covered in tiny dewdrops and at the right angle, the very first early morning sun (whilst out on one of my recovery walks) reflected beautifully, don't you agree?

Here's another overall shot to give it a better perspective.


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Hi Jim,
thanks for clarification.
Sometimes in the evening I notice the same effekt at my garagedoor.
It also has a brown burned-in powder coating.
Best regards


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Uwe, my neck of the woods...all we use is cedar....I guess i'm slum-n-it...!!! :D

By the way I love the 1st picture....!!

Tony C.