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Not really Macro

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looks promising (technically speaking!) You can get closer using macro-tubes of course.

See you with nice pictures



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auto bellows

I have some of the makings for an auto bellows but every time I bid on Ebay for a Sigma Saxxx I haven't bid enough. The 105 Macro will have to wait until I start working again or I sell something. If I had the the camera side lens mount I could whip something up on my lathe. Oh well. I kike getting bits of bright green in the winter when everything is so drab.

....................................................Tom C


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GREAT work! Very nice dimensional images, and really quite close for a "normal" lens.

Back in my school days when I was totally broke, I used cardboard paper towel tubes to make temporary "macro" lenses. It worked just fine! Surprising what you can do with a bit of tubing and tape and black paint!