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NX winder problems


The film loading has become too sensitive, takes about 6 tries to get the starting length into the right place, so that the auto- load starts up.. The instructions are not too clear. 1. Take the film to the orange I mark. (That is no problem). 2 Then set it over the spool... What the heck does that mean. The film already sits above the spool, but try to pull a little more film, eg around the spool. close back, switch on then one hears a sensor click, then no take-up, and 00 flashes. ie try again I wish the Japanese at Kyocera hadnt used a schioollgirl for translations, because these instructions are meaningless to me.. Then, after 2 shots, the film no longer winds after shutter release, and 00 flashes. Battery is ull charged.

Anybnody had abny such problems on NX before????