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Odd Nikon accessory C35 Dark Box


Well-Known Member
Hi Folks, Info needed from you Nikon experts.

While researching Zeiss Microscope Attachment cameras, I was sent this info on a Nikon C35 Dark Box Microscope camera - the C35. It is in a Zeiss catalogue (1976)along with a Voigtlander based Microscope camera. The C35 is definitely made by Nikon (see pics). It is probably of an earlier date than the catalogue.

It is probably the forerunner of the Nikon M35 and M35S, rumoured to be based on a Nikkorex(?).

There seem to be 2 slightly different versions, or at least the wind-on lever is.

Does anyone know anything about this camera, I'm trying to find the camera body it is based on and the year. I have larger versions of the photos, if anyone can help.

I've also had a real good search on www, but if anyone can point me towards a good expert source, I'd be grateful.





Cheers, Bob.


New Member
Hello Bob, this C35 "Zeiss" is not the forerunner of the Nikon M35. It is the OEM version for Zeiss of the M35S.
Before the M35S were:
The M35, larger body(+10mm), rounded corners, 24x36 only, then the M35 A with a higher body (to integrate a motor), the M35 D arrived after the 35S to reapir a bug design in order to assemble the M35 body on the double camera head for microscopy.
Then the M35 with it's winder called WINDER M35 (!)which is a M35 having had an affair with a Nikon EM (no prism of course, only 24x36).
Then came the GX 35 and my collection stops there.
Please be aware that my chronology IS NOT AT ALL accurate. If somebody has a good source for that, please do not hesitate. Even Madame Nikon is welcome but she is a little bit shy...
If you want pictures please ask!!!
All the best from Paris.


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Hello Bickart

Glad you stopped by to look! You can see I have not been sw&ed by replies!

I am pleased to hear your information and it might get me a litle bit closer to find out which camera the M35/M35S/C35 were based on. I am still leaning towards the Nikkorex as the basic source of these cameras, mainly due to the wide band at the top of the leatherette - it is wider than usual and stops short of the lens flange as if to accommodate the Nikkorex's broad light meter. Also, I think Nikkorex had rounded shoulder and angled shoulder versions too?

Now if only we could pin down a date

Cheers, Bob.