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Oil & Gas - first roll of film ever

These are a couple of shots from my first roll of film in my new purchase - Hasselblad 500 C/M with 80mm.*

Kodak Portra 160VC

Please let me know what you think and any suggestions or tips. C&C would really be welcome.

As well, I haven't done enough research and please be nice and don't tell me to do a search (I'm about to do that), but would anyone recommend a quality scanner for getting high res digital TIFF files?

Thanks everyone! I'm really excited about film and finally being a Hasselblad owner.




Well-Known Member
Doctor Watson I presume? :z04_nic_0075:

Welcome to the Hasselblad forum and the world of film!

As an oil man myself, I am very pleased to see these photos.....all things considered, a well deserved subject and very well presented!

An high quality, affordable scanner for you Hasselblad negatives might be something like the Epson V700/V750 or (if you can find one) a Nikon 9000ED. If you can afford one....go for the Hasselbald scanner. I would, if I could.

Gary Benson
(BP) Alaska

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Welcome here Dr. Watson and thank you for these images.
Nice to see you use the limited dof that is outstanding with Zeiss lenses.

Epson scanners can be found for the price of a used Hasselblad lens.
The Nikon scanner offers better resolution but demands 3-4 times the amount for the Epson.
Hasselblad and former Imacon scanners are amongst the best you can find.
Only industrial drum scanners can improve the IQ of the Hasselblad scanner.
For a lot of extra cash they beat the Hasselblad scanner by a narrow margin.

Quite a few forum users are very happy with the results from their Epson scanners!


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Dr Watson

Great technical pictures. I'm new to Hass as well and I invested in a V700 (I was lucky to find one second hand at half the retail price). The results thus far are excellent using Vuescan as the driver.