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Oil on blades

Hello forum,

I need your advise again. Having fallen for CZ finally but steeply, (partly because of this same forum), I have bid on a 28mm on Ebay and won. After wiring the money I recieved a message from the seller saying he discovered some oil on the aperture blades not previously noticed. I find it rather decent of him to tell me this. Now there are two solutions to this problem. The seller will refund my money if i want to or he will have the lens cleaned on his expense and send it to me afterwards allowing me a amount of time for inspection and the posibility the send the lens back if not satisfied. What would your advise be? Can someone tell my what the risks are of a cleaning job with respect to, lets say lens-allignement or, in general, with respect to being as sharp as it should be? Thanks for your advise

Jaap Jan


Well-Known Member
> If he's willing to pay to clean it, go for it. It's not a difficult job and any experienced camera repair shop can do it. The procedure is to dis-assemble the lens and clean everything, re lube the blades, and re assemble the lens in a dust free area. takes a competent repair person about two, maybe three hours to do. It's very hard to screw up a lens cleaning job, usual errors are getting dust in between the elements when reassembling it or using too much lube on the blades, but like I said, takes hard work to make those mistakes
I have a Zeiss 50mm AE that I had cleaned locally (US) and there was no problem. The grease had deteriorated and oiled the blades. I also had a Yashica ML 135mm done with the same results. I suppose it will depend on the individual repairmen. Mine appears to be quite good.

Lynn S.