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Olympia sonnar 180/2.8 or Teletessar 200/3.5



Hello to all. I've to choose between a 180\2.8 Sonnar and a 200\3.5 Tele Tessar. Same condition, same W. Germany made, little price difference but affordable. My field is mainly portrait-fashion-people shooting. Anyone can help me to decide? Any advice very welcomed! Thanks


There were some comments on this topic last month under the heading "Tele-Tessar 200mm f/3.5". (
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The summary:
180/2.8 is faster
200/3.5 is only AE
200/3.5 is not compatible with Mutar II nor Mutar III
I hope this helps.



> thank you Juan, sure this help! I red the posts you suggest, I think the Olympia Sonnar could be best suited for my style, cause I shoot often wide open. Thank


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Hi Tom,
I can warmly regard Sonnar, this is a real "dreamlens" with wonderful imagequality. The Tele-Tessar is said to be soft at 3,5 and heavy and bulky. Not the same bookey as Sonnar.



>I recommend you not to touch the 3.5/200 - it is not really good. Sonnar 180 is potentially excellent - but Olympia-Sonnar may be very old, so be carefull concerning degraded performance...


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i had the old thick 180/2.8. heavy using without monopod but a real dreamlens. btw: i also had the real olympia-sonnar from zeiss-jena(the one designed for 6x6-camera). with m42-adapter plus cy/ has tripod-adapter but overall-quality is reduced. bad results/contrast under difficult light-situtation.(back/sidelight)