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Olympus comes out with a new Ecamera


Olympus announced on its website a new E-camera. There are no images or specifications, but I guess it will be a cheaper priced to the E-1:

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My guess it will be a larger megapixel count, myself. That seems to be the trend happening, and with the Kodak DCS Pro 14n being around for a few years now, my guess is the next round will be at least double the pixel count. If it wasnt I would really like to know why!
Ah well, bigger flashcards are getting cheaper now anyway, it's a good job eh?



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I'm going to put money on a consumer-end version of the E-1. As to double the pixel count; keep in mind that sensor size does ultimately control pixel count, if you want clean images. While it's probably a safe bet that the next iteration of the E-1 will have a higher pixel count, you're talking about a 2x factor with that 4/3 sensor, v. 1.3 to 1.6 with the competitors. There are reports that the new Canon MarkII, with an 8.2 meg sensor, is on the ragged edge in terms of sensor noise, so I definitely wouldn't bet on a 10 meg sensor in the next E pro camera -unless Olympus can pull a rabit out of a hat. And that's always a possibility.

B. D.