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Olympus E-510 or Pentax K200D, and why ??


New Member
Greetings. Am in the market for a family digital SLR.

Expected uses include nature, family snaps, nightclubs (on-stage music), electronics product shots.

Have narrowed the field to the E-510 or the K200D.

I'd welcome input from resident 'Olympians' on the strengths of the E-510 specifically, and the four-thirds system generally.

Thanks kindly.

- Richard
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New Member
I actually just received my 510 yesterday. I did about 2 months worth of homework online and was down to a few cameras as well.

You seem to have a broad array of photography interests which may be an issue. You might have to look at which items you will photograph more, and which are more important for you.

For me, I also like taking concert pictures and family photo's with indoor low light. But my main interest has always been wildlife and outdoor photography. If you want those pictures to come out the best, get the 510, and if you would rather have a camera better in the dark, I would personally skip over the K200D and go with the Nikon as they are probably the best night camera with the best dynamic range.

Olympus to me really stands out with amazing colour, which you get more of in optimal lighting.

To be realistic you may have to pick the lesser of two evils by deciding which photo's you want to be the best. Olympus can take great night photo's, but with ALOT more effort and probably less quality. At the same time, Nikon or Canon can take great nature photo's, but not as well as Olympus.

Now that I have written a book, I recommend the 510 to anyone who likes outdoor photography. I have had an Olympus P+S for years and the colour and sharpness are unparalleled. The e510 will amaze you. I have only had the 510 for 2 days, but already love it. The photos are very clear and focus is a breeze. If you do decide on the e510 right now there are great deals. Amazon is offering the 510 with 2 great lenses for ~$570.

Good luck.


New Member
I compared both before getting a 510. The pentax was heavy, big, LOUD, uncomfortable to hold etc. Maybe better at high ISO, but how important is that? If it is, go with the K200 or follow HatTrick88's advice. I am quite happy with the 510. Prefer it to the 520. Shoot RAW!