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OM Bounce Grip 2 Connection Problem


New Member
I'm not really sure if this something to be alarmed about. My OM Bounce Grip 2 starts clicking ever so softly as soon as I load batteries in it. The clicking does not stop when I play with the battery door. The flash has been firing fine 90% of the time (it doesn't fire at all sometimes, but that could be a sign of ageing). I'm using OM-2n, T shoe cord and T20 with the grip. Any advice would be appreciated.

PS. Also, the grip doesn't seem to affect recycle time much, should it? Thanks in advance.


Well-Known Member
> It is assumed that the Bounce grip has fresh C cells in it. When it does it "should" dramatically shorten reycle time (especially from a full dump). If it doesn't affect recycle time, something is wrong. I haven't used my BG2 in a while, but as I recall, the electronics make a subtle "chirp' every few seconds. John
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New Member
John, I confiscated the batteries from the kid's toys. I'll try it with fresh ones tonight (and let Elmo sing again). It's good to know that the chirping is normal. Thanks!