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OM lenses to E500



Hi All...
A bit excited to learn that Oly have provided a new MF-1 adaptor to mount OM Zuiko lenses to the new E500 DSLR.

Anyone tried this yet ?

Shld I take the plunge and buy the E500 as my first DSLR so I can use the many OM Zuiko lenses ?



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If you can live with the following information from OM and want to use your glass and digital. Why not, there good glass.

I am glad the Olympus produced the adapter.

Autofocus (AF)is not available.
Stop-down metering is used.
Spot metering does not work properly.
Although it is possible to use A (aperture priority AE) mode in auto exposure, the aperture display is not available.
The aperture display in M (Manual) is not available.
In P (Program AE) or S (Shutter speed - priority AE) mode, the shutter releases, but the auto exposure control does not work.
The distance scale on the OM system lens may not indicate the actual distance. Always use the viewfinder for focusing.

Have fun:



Regarding the OM to digi adaptor, yes the lenses do work, although = most of the functions are not communicated to the camera, of course. = This was an adaptor that was designed for Olympus Microscope and I think = astronomical work, so the exposure is somewhat easier to control. I have = one of these adaptors, and have had it about a year maybe, it is good if = you have some long lenses, such as a 400mm say, and cannot afford the = Digital lenses. OM lenses can be used on the E1 and E500, although the = lack of communication makes the exposure very hit and miss, especially = in fast moving sitautions you cannot beat the digital lenses, albeit at = an additional expense, of course One other factor to seriously consider when using the OM system = lenses, as excellent as they are, of course, they are not designed for = digital cameras, so aberrations may manifest themselves. If you dont = know what I mean then I suggest you take a look at the Olympus digital = site which explains the concept of digital lenses vs analogue. It really = is better to buy a few new digi lenses, and maybe keep a long tele, say = a 300 or 400mm lens as a standby, or use them when there is no way to = get the same with a normal digital Olympus lens you have. They will give = good images on the E1 or E500, but not quite as you may expect each = time. =20


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> I am using OM Zuiko Lenses whit the FourThirds OM-adapter. > I got mine for free. I emailed and =20 > they asked for a copy of my warranty for the e-1. > Two weeks later it was in the mail. > I don't now if they will do this any longer, and i don't now if it =20 > only were if you purchased an e-1. > > But you can always mail them and ask. > > God to know about using your OM Zuiko lenses on a fourthirds camera =20=

> is that you can only use it in A-mode. > Autofocus doesn't work, and you should use them at specific =20 > apertures to get sharp images. You can find charts on olympus =20 > website with which apertures they recommend. > And you have to stop down to be able to use manual focus and then =20 > change back the aperture before you press the shutter. > > /Andreas


Tks all for the advice...

Looks like there's quite a bit of limitations using the OM lenses...

The aberrations part can be quite an issue, after reading the explanation on the diff betw digi and analogue lenses...

Other reviews claim Oly has the largest stable of lenses offered. Seems Oly is working very hard to promote the 4/3 system... But the digi lenses are quite expensive.

So if I attach an OM 16/3.5 FE on the E500, I won't be getting 16mm right ? something narrower than 16mm ?

Anyone with any s&le pics?



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> Just double the focal length. Mounting the 16 will have the effect of using a 32mm lens on an 0M body. The 16 and 21s are much sought after for use on the E digitals. People I've heard from are VERY happy with the results. While Olympus had been giving away the 4/3 OM adapter by mail after registering your E-1 or E-300 purchase, with the introduction of the E-500 came the decision to sell the adapter (now called the MF-1 adapter, 260231) I have been selling them for 89.95.