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OM2 with Helios 38 AUTO flash



It seems i have no x-sync with my old Helios 38 AUTO flash (works fine with OM-10).

I have a hot shoe 3 and it seems it is working constantly on OTF, i.e. long, long exposure. I tried to connect the flash with the cord to the flash sync socket, switched the dial to X and still nothing, exposures up to 2 min.

Has anyone any clue?



New Member
it might be your hot shoe since it cannot be your flash which works on an OM10. I got a similar problem with an OM2-n. The hot shoe 4 didn't fire the flash (T20)but an extension TTL cable screwed on top worked well. Cleaning, desoxyding the hot shoe helped for a while but it's still erratic. Hoping it helps you a little bit...