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OM4Ti & F280

Hallo everyone,

I have bought an Olympus OM-4 Ti with an F280 flash, and I I was wondering whether someone could clarify four points of information on which the manuals are (for me) not too clear.

1) In super FP mode the flash/ camera combination blends ambient and flash light. What ratio of ambient/ flash light light is used (eg. 2:1, 3:1 etc.)

2) Does this also happen in manual mode when setting shutter speeds slower that 1/60 sec, or does the flash in this case fire at full power, as it would do in normal TTL mode.

3) Can I achieve flash exposure compensation by using the exposure compensation dial or does the dial only affect the ambient light reading ?

4) Can a combination of altering the film spees (eg setting iso 200 even if I'm using iso 100) and exposure compensation (to bring back the ambient light reading to normal) achieve flash exposure compensation?

Thank you very much in advance

SevenSister more questions.
Does F280 provide auto exposure in FP mode ?
Any diff. if OM-4Ti set to auto mode or manual mode ?

Thank you


Active Member
F280 works well with OM 4Ti. FP mode and Normal mode are both TTL auto mode. FP mode can be used with all shutter speeds; normal mode can be only used with speeds slower than 1/60. However, the working range of FP mode is limited to several meters. Compensation dial works with both auto modes but manual mode. You have to work out the right F number by yourself when you use manual mode. In FP mode, faster shutter speed gets you darker background. With this rule in mind, you can calculate the light ratio of background and subject.


I was reading through this on the F280...
I have the opportunity to buy a 280 and was wondering does it work well with the 'plain-Jane' OM4. Just a question.
Also, to use the F280 with the Bounce Grip 2, I know it will not run off the batteries in the grip, will any of the other Olympus power-packs work with it and besides the FT Cord anything else needed to run it from the bounce grip???
And can one use it with the OM2-N?
Ed Brown -
Hi Ed_B
There is no benefit from using the F280 with an OM4. It will just function in the same way as any other OM flash i.e. highest shutter speed will be 1/60.
Also, before ordering a Bounce Grip 2, I would suggest that you try one at a shop. I have found it very difficult to balance when used with a somewhat heavy lens. Quite uncomfortable.
I have not used my F280 with any other camera than OM4T - it has been great for fill-in.
Try to download and read the manual carefully.



Michael, thanks for the information. I put off buying the F280, since I only have the 'plain-Jane' 4. I'll probably continue looking for the T32, for the time being. Didn't think of the 'balance issue'...Thanks.
I did try it (the Bounce Grip), with the winder attached, and a 180mm tele on the 4. You were right, the 'balance' is different. But since my hands are somewhat large, it actually felt 'better' with the grip...More secure, would be a better word (?). I didn't think of that. Focusing would take abit getting use to, I think.
Thank-you for the thoughts though. There is alot I need to learn and to remember, getting back into photography.
Ed -


New Member
What happens, if I use the 0M TI in Auto mode and the F280 in FP Mode slower than 1/60 sec.
The manual says, that the shutter will not release and I have to put the camera into the manual mode. But for all that my camera release the shutter under those conditions.
Is it a mistake by the manual?
Can I use the FP Mode and the Auto Mode by every speed?


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Michael Winterberg,
You can use the F280 in FP mode and the OM 4Ti in Auto mode.Actually, this is the way I use my flash.