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Once not thrilledCanon 10D and focusing


New Member
Previously I posted my dissatisfaction with my 10D digital camera. I was very unhappy with it since many of the pictures I was taking were out of focus. Thanks to many of you, valuable tips in handling the camera were given and these did provide some improvement. Still, there was a high percentage of out of wasted images, especially in the auto modes. While in the auto modes, I did pay close attention to how the multiple point focusing system was working. In the auto mode, one can not adjust the focus to a single point. Therefore, if any of the points picked up on any object not in the same plane as the subject I was shooting, the chance of the picture being out of focus, or slightly out of focus was increased. Yet, with all this, I was not getting the results that so many others claimed to be getting with the camera.

The last thing left for me to do was to look for a high quality professional lens to see if that would finally resolve my problem. Finding a camera shop that carried any thing other than the lens I had originally purchase was difficult. It was not until I was visiting in north Jersey, that I had the opportunity to get to one of the few cities that would definitely have a camera shop that carried a professional line of lens, New York. I purchased an EF24-70mm F2.8L USM Lens.

I have used this lens for three weeks now and without a doubt my 10D digital camera takes wonderful pictures now. Equipped with this lens and all the techniques I have learned while using the other lens, I can now say I get a good picture with every click of the shutter; even in the auto modes.

I must admit there still more to learn about photography, but at least now I know that it is the operator and not the camera. My advice for anyone thinking of getting the 10D; buy a quality lens.