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One for Jesito...


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Been visiting this ancient snow gum for the last 30 years or so, although it has been some 3- 4 years since my last sighting. Couldn't bear to witness the devastating destruction of trees in this alpine area, as result of severe bush fires just after my last visit.

Well, you could have struck me down with a feather, folks, most surrounding trees were reduced to white skeletons. But as you can see by yesterday's pic, there's a little bit of paradise intact. It's truly of enormous proportions (compared to average trees of this type). The rest will take 30 - 40 years to regain some their former glory.

Sincere regards, Jim R


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Thanks, Jim!, a very nice shot.

I'ts a pity that deforestation is taking so much protagonysm everywhere. Here is Spain, because the land demand for building houses was so high, there has been a lot of started fires to "cleanup" some areas for constructing edifices.

We learnt at school that during the middle age, a squirrel could traverse the country jumping among the trees. Nowadays there remain a few squirrels and forests along the country.

That's what we call civilization....

Kind regards, and thanks again for the picture.



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Yes, Jesito, I have been thinking about this same problem a lot lately, and the only thing that keeps returning to my mind is that nothing will change until the world culture embraces a "WE" attitude, instead of the current "ME" attitude.

This philosophy needs to be applied to all resources like oil, water, forests, etc.

Sincere regards, JR