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One-Question-Poll for Manual Hasselblad users (For my stats class. Please contribute!)

John Kepchar

New Member
Hello, I have a super quick poll that I am conducting for a stats class at UNCA (university of North Carolina at Asheville). Any and all Hasselblad users please contribute! (I need a big sample size)

Hasselblad recommends: users of manual Hasselblad’s (V system) should have their cameras serviced once every two/three years.

Have you had your Hasselblad serviced in the past three years?

Other info (optional): what model Hasselblad do you use? Have you ever had your Hasselblad serviced?

Thanks very much! I will share my findings with the community when I have the data collected and analyzed (Also thanks for the help with my stats project!)


New Member
I have two 503CX, last check was done 7yrs ago - in the meantime I had only one problem with one of them, due to a detachment of the foam near the mirror, that was blocked during the shoot. This was likely due to a very hot summer period. I solved the inconvenient myself pressing the inside very carefully. I hope this problem was over; had someone same problem, how you solved it?

Maurice Wright

New Member
I bought my Hasselblad 503CW 16 years ago and have always handled and stored it with care. It has paid me back with it's reliability. It has never been serviced and still handles as well as it did when new. Fitted with a digital back, in my opinion this is probably the best camera Hasselblad has ever produced. It's a pity Hasselblad no longer supports the V series and it's digital capabilities.


Hi I have only had my 503CW 10 years. Almost new when i bought it - I didn't understand why hasselblad launched the brightly coloured series which i figured (correctly) would have seen little action - so I bought red one in pristine condition. The colour means nothing to me. It hasn't been serviced i run mostly with a digital back its a pleasure to use.


New Member
I use a couple of 501C/M's both purchased used, only serviced once at the same time 5 plus years ago. I use them with a ixpress 132C which is a WORK HORSE. The 132c was serviced four years ago, for an issue with a synch. My fault though. Been thinking about a CFV 32 or 50.


I have an ELX that had incorrect focus. I learned when it was serviced that the mirror mechanism of some Hasselblads tends to create incorrect focus (manual focus on the ground glass) when the foam degrades, as the foam is integral to the complex movement (the frame has to bend, but the glass mirror can't, of course). So now I take regular service seriously, because I don't want out of focus images!